Restore Arizona Transplant Funding *NOW*
About Us
Who are you?
We are 5 of the 98 patients and families for whom Arizona holds power to literally grant life.  Indeed, the state promised as much when giving our loved ones her word of approval for life-saving organ transplants.

Learning Arizona leadership changed their mind to save $1.36 million has been devastating. 

The fact our mothers, fathers, brothers, sisters, sons and daughters (hard-working citizens and good people) have been deemed expendable at a price of $13,877.56 per human life still does not make sense.

What is this?
This site represents our collective voice - an attempt to directly communicate the fact viable solutions exist capable of restoring this transplant funding without raising spending, cutting services or reducing state obligations to anyone else.

Where do these funding solutions come from?
Upon learning of the transplant cuts, a friend sat down and reviewed every line of Arizona's FY 2011 Budget in addition to thousands of pages of audits, briefings and financial reports from the Auditor General, State Legislature, AHCCCS and others.

Why make this website?
We have reached out to Governor Brewer and her staff since December 9, 2010 without response.  

Is Gov. Brewer aware of these ideas?  Perhaps she hasn't seen your communications!
The leadership of AHCCCS (Arizona's Medicaid administration) has made Governor Brewer's office aware of at least one funding solution (#2 on the list of options, re: unclaimed lottery player prizes).

We have also sent a letter requiring signature confirmation (in addition to our emails, etc.), so we know we are getting through.
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